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“Plastic caps for a new life”®


In October 2011, the family of Iker, a child from Bilbao, asked SEUR Foundation for help to transport over 13 million bottle tops to a recycling plant, which would provide them money to purchase a standing frame (a device that would allow him to get up from a wheel chair). That is when TAPONES PARA UNA NUEVA VIDA® was born.

In 2013 the "Tapones para una nueva vida®"project continued to push hard in its double purpose:

  • SOCIAL: New life for children up to 18 years of age that need treatment, surgery, orthopaedic devices, etc. not covered by the public health system.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: New life for plastic (bottle tops) that is recycled, and otherwise would end in dumps.

The objectives have not changed, although the results have been optimized.

  • Help children without resources to access medical treatment not covered by the health system in order to improve their quality of life by recycling plastic bottle tops.
  • Help children without resources to obtain orthopaedic devices not provided through other means by recycling plastic bottle tops.
  • Invite society to recycle and care for the environment performing a simple gesture of keeping plastic bottle tops instead of throwing them to the bin.
  • Promote social action combined with an environmental focus.
  • Promover en toda la sociedad la acción social unida a la acción medioambiental.

Mission of SEUR Foundation

  • Make available to the general public all SEUR facilities in Spain (peninsular and insular), Portugal and Andorra in order to drop their bottle tops.
  • Transport bottle tops for free from SEUR facilities to the logistics centrefrom where they will be delivered to the recycling company.
  • Publicise the action using its own means and with the help of the beneficiary family, in order to promote donations of bottle tops.
  • Negotiate the price per tonne of bottle tops with the recycling plant.
  • Select with a suitable committee the cases to be covered.

Project Transparency

Transparency of this project has been taken to extremes in order to respond to bottle top donors, detailing at the end of this document the beneficiary children, the amounts delivered and tonnes of bottle tops required to reach these amounts.

  • SEUR Foundation and the recycling company ACTECO perform a monthly control of tonnes received.
  • The recycling company ACTECO pays the assigned amount directly to the beneficiary family and SEUR Foundation does not receive any cash.
  • The recycling company ACTECO has committed to not receive bottle tops not sent by SEUR Foundation, in this way joining the project as an active player.

Selection of candidates

SEUR Foundation has created a committee to review the files of applicant children, whose documentation is custodied with utmost confidentiality. Reviewed by a doctor, the committee accepts the cases, which are attended to on a first come, first serve basis.


The number of organizations formally subscribing to the "Tapones para una nueva vida"® project has grown during 2013, exceeding one hundred signed agreements during the period, especially with companies that have seen in the project and opportunity to reinforce their social responsibility through simple actions and without the need to perform any investments.

In addition to formalizing commitment with society and the environment, they have been provided access to materials specifically produced for the execution of the project, such as the container box, involvement indicators or talks from volunteers of SEUR Foundation. However a large majority of organizations of all kinds are still participating informally in the project.

Type of organization No. agreements signed in 2013
Public Administration 7
Non-Profit organisation 20

Colaboradores SEUR


At year end the figures were:

  • Ayuda a niños
    35 children at 205,493 Euros
  • Ayuda a niñosRepresenting the recycling of 1,049 tonnes of plastic bottle tops
  • Ayuda a niñosIn addition, this avoided the emission of 1,573 tonnes of CO2 into the environment.
resultados proyecto


As a result of the transversal nature of the project, we can distinguish three types of results depending on the scope of the incidence: social, logistics and environmental.


Firstly, the social results are the most relevant of the project as it is the main objective: number of children aided and the help they have received. In 2013, 35 children received €205,493, not including the 60 children and €550,677 since the start.

By geographic distribution, since the start of the project children have been attended to from practically all Autonomous Communities, focusing on the Community of Valencia (13 children), Andalusia (9), Canary Islands (7) and Castilla La Mancha (6).


resultados proyecto

The logistics and transportation effort dedicated to this project by SEUR has been quantified at 1,049 tonnes of plastic bottle tops that have been recycled in 2013, which represents 500 million bottle tops.

Since the start the project has recycled 2313 tonnes of plastic bottle tops, more than one million bottle tops that put in a straight line would go round ¾ of the earth and fill almost 7 Olympic swimming pools.


Plastic requires about 500 years to degrade in dumps. Recycling reduces waste generation, one of the main problems of sustainable development, contributing to the 3rd of the 3 R: Reduce, Reutilize and Recycle.

In addition, production of new plastic is avoided, a derivate from petroleum whose extraction and manufacture has a high carbon footprint, which has a direct impact on climate change.

Therefore, each kg of plastic that is recycled avoids 1.5 kg of CO2, main gas responsible for climate change, from being released into the atmosphere. Hence, the 1,049 tonnes of recycled bottle tops in 2013 have avoided 1,573 tonnes of CO2.

resultados proyecto

Since the start of the project, 3,469 tonnes of CO2 have been avoided. More than half a million trees would be necessary to absorb this same amount of gas during a year, which would,as well, occupy 70 football fields.

€ DELIVERED 8.000 € 337.185 € 205.493 € 550.667 €
LOGISTICS TON. BOTTLE TOPS 26,67 1.236,9 1.049,0 2.313
NO. OF BOTTLE TOPS 13.335.000 618.445.000 524.488.125
KM. IN A LINE 400 18.553 15.735 34.688
VOLUME (M3) 200 9.277 7.867 17.344
NO. OF POOLS 0,1 3,7 3,1 6,9
ENVIROMENTAL TON. CO2 AVOIDED 40 1.855 1.573 3.469
NO. OF TREES 6.668 309.223 262.244 578.134
NO. FOOTBALL FIELDS 0,8 37,9 32,1 70,9

number beneficiaries